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Today I did my first gym session without Alex and was so worried about not knowing what I was doing that I almost didn't go...I asked the fella on reception to talk me through the plan that Alex sent me and he couldn't have been more helpful. It was no trouble at all to him and he was happy for me to go and ask him any more questions. It's definitely a gym where you're not laughed at for trying, the staff are there to help, not judge you! And if you can, I would recommend PT sessions with one of the guys too!
I've been meaning to join a gym for ages, no longer am I slim and toned and was starting to get me down, despite the anxiety I suffer this gym makes me feel completely at home. Very welcoming atmosphere and the staff are always ready to help with anything. This gym has started to help me rebuild my self worth and I can't thank it enough. Already lost weight and feeling so much better about myself. Thanks a lot xx
After asking Sy for help with my weight and to try and restore my self belief and confidence due to me putting so much weight on over the years I managed to drop a whole 3 and 1/2 stone in 4 months, I ate more than ever before and I enjoyed being at the gym. I didn't see it as a chore I now see it as a hobby, the overall experience from my first visit to still visiting daily has to be one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had to deal with even tho I waddled through the door. No-one laughed or judged me because of my size they all encouraged me to get to my goals that I set, I can't thank Sy and his staff enough, best gym by far and glad to say I've made some new long time friends as well.
Great atmosphere...friendly staff and members! Been training with Sy for nearly 8 months and he is amazing! Really knows what he is talking about and will go out of his way to help anyone whether your signed up for PT sessions or not! Definitely pushes you but so worth it! Ace place to train would definitely recommend!
I used to train at this gym a number of years ago but for one reason or another I left but I'm so glad I've re-joined. Doing personal training sessions with Sy, Chris and Jonathan have been difficult but extremely worth it. Such nice guy's and always happy to help whether your training with them or not. If your looking for a gym ready for the Christmas period I would definitely recommend, 5* to say the least and all staff and clients are ace.
I haven't been going here for long just a little over a month. I was pretty anxious tbh some gyms you walk into and you just don't fit however after a promise I finally plucked up the courage. The staff are so down to earth and friendly you immediately feel at ease. Sy is amazing he will tell you how it is but he's not stuck up his own ass. Training wow I was lucky enough to get a slot with Sy by god does he train. I didn't half get some funny looks from the way I was walking after my training with Sy. Stay awesome fitness bank.

We also offer a hybrid personal training and online training service.

This is usually done for 12 weeks although other periods are possible .

This consists of a mixture of PT sessions and regularly updated training plansĀ  and diets.

We have a Bear Fitness App which offers the following:

  • Bespoke Training Plans

  • Videos Of All The Exercises

  • Tracks Your Weight And Measurements

  • Tailored Calorie and Macro Counter

  • Access By Your PT So We Can Make Alterations And Add New Plans And Diet Targets

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